Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) updates the City Council on Tuesday about the declining mental health situation in the city.

The City Council is alarmed about the declining mental health situation in the city.

The Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) Palawan chapter on Tuesday informed the council about the increasing number of suicide reported from the past three quarters throughout the province.

PMHA member-advocate Father Eugene Elvira said that the city and the province need more professionals to curb the degrading mental situation citing the importance of psychiatric evaluation and treatment facilities.

“Buti pa ang estudyante kapag may problema, may guidance counsellor na mapupuntahan. Pano pag ang teacher o ang city employee ang may problema? Paano na?,” Elvira said.

Elvira encouraged the council to exercise its legislative power in establishing a “wellness center” and other mental health facilities to strengthen the fight in breaking the mental health stigma.

City councilor Peter Maristela affirmed Elvira’s statement and pointed out that the drop-in center only has P782 thousand for its 2020 budget, which is “not enough” to fund the mental health advocacies recommended.

The City Council decided to refer the concern to the Committee on Health and Sanitation and Committee on Social Welfare for further study and appropriate recommendations.