Photo courtesy of CAAP Area IV Puerto Princesa City | File photo

Two airline companies in Palawan have once again halted operations following the imposition of tight travel restrictions in the National Capital Region (NCR).

AirSwift, catering flights going to and from El Nido, in an advisory late Sunday, suspended flights from March 22 until April 4, maintaining special flights to cater APORs and essential travels only.

Tourists, on the other hand, were advised to rebook or refund their scheduled flights.

“In view of this, AirSWIFT has mounted special flights for Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs), Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR) and returning tourists on March 22 to 23, 2021,” the statement read.

Essential travelers (APOR) were required to present valid ID from government agency with picture; flight ticket; travel order/mission from government agency; and case investigation form.

Air Asia, servicing flights in and out of Puerto Princesa, also followed suit and limited their flights to APORs and other similar essential travels.

Essential travelers must present valid documents and comply with travel requirements by their respective local government units, according to their latest flight bulletin.

“For non-essential travelers coming from and going to Manila with existing flight bookings with a departure date from March 22, 2021 to April 04 2021, AirAsia offers enhanced flexibility options to move their flight from April 05, 2021 to June 30, 2021 and will be able to select from a range of extended flexibility options for future travel,” the statement read.