Thirty-one individuals were rescued from a motorized banca that had engine difficulty near Patawan Island, Balabac, on Saturday while it was on its way to the port of Buliluyan in Bataraza.

According to the Coast Guard Southwestern Palawan, the motor banca Lady Yol was crossing the Palawan seas at 8 a.m. on April 1 when its crew observed that its engine rubber balance had been damaged.

As a result, the boat’s travel was stopped to prevent it from suffering any further damage.

Coast Guard Southwestern Palawan said the crew of Lady Yol called their substation in Bancalaan to request for assistance. Their personnel who were in the area promptly dispatched a search and rescue boat and carried out a towing operation to bring the passengers safely to land.

All passengers arrived safely at Bancalaan Port in Balabac on the same day, and were in good physical condition.