The city government is eyeing to establish a “halal slaughterhouse” to cater its Muslim tourists and visitors.

Mayor Lucilo Bayron stated this during his State of the City Address (SOCA) Tuesday at the City Coliseum.

While Bayron did not specify the date the project will start, he vowed to accomplish this target during his term of office.

Bayron said this planned construction and operation of halal slaughterhouse is in preparation for the anticipated roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) ships connecting Kudat, Malaysia, and Southern Palawan.

Apart from catering its own tourists, Bayron said this will also be an opportunity for the city to supply other municipalities with halal meat.

“Siyempre dadaan din ang mga turistang muslim dito sa atin, eh wala tayong halal slaughterhouse, wala tayo talagang certified na halal restaurant. So kung nandito ‘yong ating Halal slaughterhouse, hanggang Brooke’s Point, hanggang Bataraza, hanggang Narra, dito kukuha ng Halal na processed na mga livestock,” said Bayron.

Through the available information online, an Islamic way of slaughtering animals or the traditional Halal is usually done by hand.

It involves killing of the animal through a cut on the jugular vein, in its carotid artery and windpipe.

Carcasses are also drained from blood and the animals, healthy during the slaughter.