This photo taken by animal lover Rob Martin shows the bloodstains on the mini-truck used by the City Veterinary Office to catch stray dogs.

The City Veterinary Office (CVO) belied Thursday the accusation in social media that it is involved in the “illegal collection of dogs” that was recorded by an animal lover in a cellphone video on February 4 and posted on the Street Dog Sanctuary page.

The scene was recorded along the national highway in Barangay San Miguel.

Dr. Indira Santiago, head of the city vet, also denied the allegation that they are clubbing the stray dogs after bloodstains were also documented on the mini-truck they were using for their operation.

She said they were from a dog that is suffering from an ear infection and is now being treated at the CVO.


Dogs exposed under 33 degrees heat on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

“Nakita ko ang video na ‘yon nandoon pa nga ako. Sa part namin, alam namin na wala kaming violation o ginawang masama sa mga aso. May dugo ‘yon kasi may infection sa tainga ‘yong aso. Subject rin for adoption at may pinirmahan mismo na papel ang may-ari kasi hindi na niya alam ang gagawin. Ginagamot pa nga namin sa dog pound. Huwag silang basta magbibintang na hindi naman namin ginawa,” Santiado said.

Santiago said she already spoke with animal advocate Jackie Baut and explained to her the condition of the dog.

She said all dogs that are collected are in the custody of the city dog pound for 3 to 5 days for possible adoption and claiming of owners.

All unadopted and unclaimed dogs will be turned over to Baut who will take charge of having them adopted.

“Dapat nga tatlong araw lang ‘yan sila sa dog pound pero ginagawa namin na lima. Within that period ay dapat may mag-ampon or matubos sila ng may-ari sa kanila. ‘Yong mga hindi nakukuha ay kinukuha naman ni Baut,” Santiago said.

The video was posted on the Street Dog Sanctuary page by animal lover Rob Martin.

Martin said he saw the dogs in cages on a bloodied mini-truck that has no license plate or any sign that would identify it as city government-owned.

He said his only question was why the team did not identify themselves when he inquired to know if their operation was legitimate.

Martin claimed that the dogs were also exposed under 33 degrees heat while the members of the team were away.

“Why wouldn’t they identify themselves? Unmarked truck, no license plate or signs on the truck and why so much blood inside the truck? And why so aggressive towards me? If they had identified themselves, none of this would have happened,” he said.

Martin added that the concern of the dog catching team was him recording the video.

“The only concern was why was I recording a video. Very defensive and why were they stopping for lunch and leaving the dogs in 33-degree heat? These are my questions as a concerned animal lover. That dog was splattered with blood and there was so much blood inside the cage,” he told Palawan News.