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The City Veterinarian Office (CVO) has urged the public to differentiate Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) from the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) that is currently affecting the province.

City veterinarian Dr. Indira Santiago said in a phone interview with Palawan News over the weekend that HFMD is a human-transmitted virus while FMD is for livestock.

She said HFMD is not a contagious disease.

“Ang hand, foot and mouth disease ay hiwalay doon sa foot and mouth disease ng livestock. Hiwalay sya na sakit, hindi ito galing sa hayop. Hindi naman contagious ‘yan sa tao,” she said.

Santiago said that the province of Palawan is internationally-recognized as a FMD free province including Bukidnon.

She said the problem with the FMD is it affects the economy as it attacks the livestock.

“Sa ngayon ang Puerto Princesa City at ang Palawan ay international recognized na FMD Free, dalawa lang ang Palawan at Bukidnon na FMD Free,” she said.

“Ang problema lang ay ang economic ang foot and mouth dahil kung magkakasakit ang mga hayop ay ‘yon ang problema,” Santiago added.

Clarification of CVO intends to avoid the confusion of the public on the difference between the two diseases after the Provincial Health Office (PHO) reported the 250 cases of HFMD in Palawan.

“Lagi lang talagang may confusion ang foot and mouth then hand, foot and mouth disease. Mas maganda ng klaro din talaga kasi magpa-panic ang mga tao at baka hindi na sila kumain [ng mga karne],” Santiago added.