Councilor Peter Maristela (File photo)

City councilor Peter Maristela has proposed to the City Treasurer’s Office (CTO) the use of “cash cards” in paying the allowances of senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) as mandated by local ordinances.

Maristela said if adopted, it will be easier for beneficiaries to withdraw their benefits or allowances, instead of the existing system which requires them to personally appear at designated places for distribution.

“Sana cash card nalang ang gamitin sa pagbibigay ng kanilang allowances. Hindi katulad ngayon na pupunta sila sa araw ng bigayan. Kung cash card ‘yan ay pwede na nilang ipakuha sa kanilang apo o anak dahil ang iba sa kanila ay mahihina na rin,” Maristela said.

He said that this will also allow beneficiaries to access and withdraw money at any time.

Maristela urged the city government to study the proposal’s adaptability.

Maristela earlier asked the city government to fast track the distribution of quarterly allowances to beneficiaries, citing a present 3-month delay in the release of funds.

The city council had previously approved an amendment to the Ordinance no. 994, Section 4 or the granting of allowances to the senior citizens, PWDs and qualified students to change the P1,000 allowance to P1,500 quarterly.