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An occupational safety and health expert has urged the city government to conduct trainings to comply and implement regulations that address the problem of workplace-related injuries or deaths.

Engr. Hartwell Capistrano of Petrosphere Inc., an accredited occupational safety and health (OSH) consultant of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), told the City Council on Monday that while there is an OSH law in place, standards are not as strictly observed by contractors working government projects including the private sectors.

“Yung ibang mga workers naka-shorts lang, naka-tsinelas, they don’t even have the required [personal protective equipment]. Some of them already had occupational related injuries,” Capistrano said.

He noted that the resolutions for workplace safety strictly follow the requirements of the joint memorandum circular penned by the Civil Service Commission, Department of Health, and DOLE. This included creating health and safety committees to oversee workplaces in both public and private sectors, that all workplace hazards and risks should be identified, and that local offices even at the barangay level should have their own safety and health officers.

Capistrano proposed that Petrosphere Inc. would oversee the OSH trainings and seminars in the city pro bono, as they have done the same with other organizations nationwide in the past ten years.

He remarked that while DOLE implemented the department order for OSH observance in 2018, local governance has not done much to enforce these standards over the years.

“Napansin din po namin na even those contractors working on government projects, they have a certain percentage of the funds na na-allocate during the bidding process [for the PPEs]. However, not all of it is being used,” Capistrano said.