Sep 27, 2020

City seeks to ban trailer trucks from Manalo Street

A resolution requesting city mayor Lucilo Bayron to ban trailer trucks from passing along Manalo Street for public safety and to prevent road destruction was filed before the City Council.

A resolution requesting city mayor Lucilo Bayron to ban trailer trucks from passing along Manalo Street for public safety and to prevent road destruction was filed before the City Council.

In his resolution, committee on transportation chairman Councilor Elgin Damasco has requested the City Mayor’s Office to conduct a study on the possible regulation or prohibition of the entry of trailer trucks along Manalo Street.

Manalo street is within the jurisdiction of Barangays Milagrosa and Bancao-Bancao.

“We are requesting the city mayor for the possibility of banning the trailer trucks to pass along Manalo Street,” he said.

In addition, Councilor Jimbo Maristela said that the proposal should be reviewed properly as it was already filed during the 14th council that implements the truck ban in all streets within the city.

The proposal was amended during the 15th council for the truck ban to be implemented in primary roads like the national highway.

“I suggest that the committee should review it. It has an ordinance during the 14th council but it also had amendments during the chairmanship of former councilor Rolando Amurao. I suggest that it will be reviewed,” he said.

It can be recalled that there are two incidents involving the Meridian Shipping and Container Center and Moreta Shipping Lines that container vans fell from the trailer trucks while traversing the highway.

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