City has new posts for public doctors

Dr. Dean Palanca of City Health Office attends to his patient seeking medical attention.

The city government has created four new positions for public doctors, following the request of City Health Office (CHO) to help them address the health care needs of city residents.

Dr. Ricardo Panganiban, City Health Officer, said that at present they only have nine doctors and needed the additional positions to be filled up.

“Ideally, ang (ratio) is one doctor to every 20,000 population. Kung kulang kami baka kulang din ‘yung service,” said Panganiban.

He said that the recruitment of new public doctors would be beneficial for the health service since they can serve more residents.

The newly created positions for medical officer will have a salary rate of P43, 439.00 per month including health benefits and insurance.

“More or less P50,000 a month ‘yung sahod and benefits,” said Panganiban.

The positions are for three Rural Health Physicians  and one Medical Officer IV.

Panganiban said that most doctors pursue private practice rather than working as a public doctor.

Panganiban said that private doctors have thrice higher salary rate than public doctors, as private doctor has an estimated salary of more than P150,000 per month.

“Thrice ang kikitain ng private doctors, or could be much much more than that,” said Panganiban.

He said that to fill in the need of public doctors, the CHO has already filed a request to increase salary grades of public doctors who will be filling in the vacant position.

Panganiban said that the increase of the salary grade will not just fill in the need of the public doctors but also the public health care and services.

“Maganda rin na itaas yung salary grade para mapunan naman yung mga pangangailangan ng mga public doctors,” he said.

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