City jail treats detainees with all-girls band performance

An official of the City Jail admits allowing an all-female band to perform inside the detention facility

An official of the City Jail admitted on Monday they allowed an all-female sexy band to perform before jail officials and inmates on Friday last week when they held a lighting ceremony for a Christmas lantern inside the detention facility.

The event, according to social media posts about the incident, was the lighting of a big star lantern where authorities also allegedly relaxed its rules by allowing media coverage inside the facility of a local television network

City jail spokesperson Marlito Anza confirmed reports that the all-female “Mango Juice Girls” band performed during the event but did not give details on who paid for the talent fee of the band.

 “Oo meron naman din (dancers). May media, pero hindi lang naman iisa,”  Anza told Palawan News.

Anza declined to entertain questions from Palawan News, stating he was not authorized to comment on claims that the band was hired by a private individual close to one of the high-profile detainees in the facility since City Jail Inspector Lino Soriano is on travel.

 “Wala pa akong clearance from Warden (Soriano) para sagutin ang mga media interviews, nasa official business pa kasi siya outside Palawan,” Anza said.

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