Crucifixion and self-flagellation are ‘risky’ for the human body, the City Health Office (CHO) warned Catholic devotees Tuesday.

But CHO chief Dr. Ric Panganiban said these “forms of penance” are a matter of choice.

“Choice mo ‘yon, do it at your own risk pero para sa personal (opinion), meron tayong iba na pwedeng gawin para, halimbawa kung ‘yon lang naman ang gusto mo, mag-penetensya, di ba meron naman other ways na makapag-ano ka… anyway, kung ‘yon ay pananaw mo personally o panata mo, choice mo yon,” he said.

Panganiban said these have health risks like wound infections, tetanus, loss of blood and dehydration because of the current excessive heat.

Individuals with existing illness and with advanced age are more vulnerable to experience its complications if they would do the two forms of penitence, he said.

Panganiban said if an individual wants to undergo the physical pain, “they should be prepared.”

Their body must have a strong immune system and without existing illness, instruments should be cleaned and sterilized to prevent infections, he said, adding that if there is any symptom consult a doctor immediately.

“Be sure na ‘yon talaga ay personal na adhikain mo na gawin yon, siguro be prepared for that. Dapat malakas ang resistance mo, wala kang nararamdaman, tapos siguro kung talaga ano ay be sure lang na malinis ‘yong mga ginagamit to prevent infections, worst comes worst, kung talagang may karamdaman pwede naman magpa-check up,” he added.

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