City Hall hikes aid to Ospital ng Palawan

City Councilor Peter Maristela

Puerto Princesa City Mayor Lucilo Bayron sets to increase next year the budget allocation for the Ospital ng Palawan in the form of “financial aid” for the indigent patients of the city.


In a resolution authored by City Councilor Peter Maristela, the city council requested the chief executive to put in substantial increase in the 2016 annual budget and of the succeeding years for the financial aid to Ospital ng Palawan.


Mayor Bayron earlier said that it is impossible for the city government to have its own hospital due to the need of huge fund for the construction and so instead it will increase its financial support to the hospital.


Councilor Maristela said since indigent patients of the city are being accommodated in the Ospital ng Palawan it is incumbent upon the city government to extend support.


The city government has allocated P 4,000,000.00 to Ospital ng Palawan this year intended for the salary of additional personnel assigned at the said hospital.


“The substantial increase will redound to the benefit of the Puerto Princesans as this will improve the quality of service being provided by the administration of the Ospital ng Palawan’” the resolution said.

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