City Fish Port Management demolishes proposed coffee shop structure

City Fish Port Management orders proposed coffee shop structure demolished

The controversial structure intended to be a coffee shop at the City Fish Port area was demolished today due of lack of permit and it pose danger to the public.

This action was brought about by the order of the City Fish Port Committee in a resolution dated August 26. The resolution states that the structure has no prior approval from the Fish Port Management Board.

Former City Fish Port Manager Silverio Blas has allegedly made a mistake in allowing the construction of the “so called” coffee shop which is now under the investigation of the City Legal Department.

The resolution further states that the structure did not fit and meet safety standards manifested by the report of the Office of the Building Official.

According to the report” the building was constructed without Building Permit and the structure is not of sufficient strength and stability.”

According to the newly appointed City Fish Port Manager Oscar Lapida, Jr., the demolition activity was in order.

“Ito naman ay walang personalan, wala ding politika dito,” Lapida said.

The materials taken from the structure shall be temporarily kept at the premises of the port while waiting for the City Engineering personnel to make an inventory.

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