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The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) plans to conduct an inventory of “single-use plastics and polystyrene foams” that are kept as stocks in establishments in Puerto Princesa City.

Mary Anne Joylle Madriñan, senior environmental officer of the City ENRO, told Palawan News Thursday that they had been tasked to conceptualize the plan on how to properly monitor the implementation of the “single-use plastic and polystyrene foam ban ordinance” next year.

Madriñan said the inventory is aimed at determining the remaining volume of these items in the city establishments.

“We will determine kung marami pa tayong volume for disposal. Next year during the implementation ay makikita natin siguro kung ano ‘yong dapat baguhin, meron bang include pa na dapat ibawal or ito bang mga binabawal natin ay karapat-dapat na ibawal,” Madriñansaid.

She said the inventory could also pave the way for improving the ordinance’s content.

City vice mayor Nancy Socrates said earlier that the city government will start the implementation of its “single-use plastic and polystyrene foam ban” in all Puerto Princesa establishments in April 2020.

The city council had earlier an ordinance that seeks to regulate and control the utilization of single-use plastics and polystyrene foam in all establishments in Puerto Princesa City.

The ordinance provides for a “transition period” of one year to allow establishments to prepare for its full implementation.

In an earlier interview with Councilor Nesario Awat, one of the proponents of the ordinance, he said the ban on the use of plastic cups, drinking straws, cutlery, coffee stirrers, styrofoam, and bags will help in the preservation of the environment by reducing plastic wastes.

He said establishments caught violating the ordinance will be fined P1,000 for the first offense; P3,000 for the second violation; and P5,000 for the succeeding offenses with the cancellation of their mayor’s and business permits.

Madriñan also said the inventory will be specified according to the categories of items indicated in the city ordinance.

She added they are now accomplishing the monitoring forms needed for its implementation.

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