City employees to get housing perks

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An ordinance providing housing lot privilege to all rank-and-file employees who have rendered at least 11 years of continuous service in the city government was approved in third and final reading at City Council on Monday, October 30.

City Councilor Roy Ventura said the housing lot is a form of incentive to qualified regular employees with salary grade 22 and below.

“When there’s a project for employees under the city housing program, they will be prioritized,” he told Palawan News Tuesday, Oct.31.

Ventura said the location and lot space depend on the city government, but definitely it’s “not within the resettlement area.”

“The beneficiary cannot sell the lot but he can transfer its ownership to one of his family members,” he said.

He explained the city government would not reclaim the housing lot, even if the owner chooses not to build a house structure on it.

“It could be his property forever,” he said.

He added, however, that the department heads and program managers are not included in the privilege.

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