File photo from Hijos Fun Bike Ride 3 (Seminario de San Jose) taken on November 24, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Vince Angulo)

The City Council is deliberating on two proposed ordinances providing regulations on the use of bicycles within city limits.

One of the proposed measures (SDR No. 124-2020), filed this week by Councilor Herbert S. Dilig, requires bikers to wear high visibility safety vests as a safety measure.

An earlier ordinance bill filed by Councilor Nesario Awat (SDR No. 124-2020) is seeking to promote biking as a mode of transportation by designating bicycle lanes along major roads.

Dilig’s proposed ordinance was referred to the Committee on Transportation for deliberation.

For his part, Awat told Palawan News on Monday he is aiming for the designation of some 1.5 meters from the outer lane of roads as bike lanes.

Away said his proposal mandates the creation of a regulatory board that will oversee the policy on bikes and ensures that “everything should have to be in place”.

Awat added that while his proposed ordinance requires the registration of bikes, the measure has stopped short of imposing any penalty on those who will not follow the requirement.

“There will be registration but there will be no penalty. For now, the recommended ordinance has no penal sanctions,” Awat said.

Meanwhile, in neighboring town of Aborlan, 38 riders of Aborlan Bikers Family resumed “fun bike rides” over the weekend as the Palawan province eased quarantine restrictions, allowing non-contact outdoor sports.

“Masaya kami dahil wala ng restriction sa mga katulad naming may outdoor activity, pero syempre alam naming may minimum health standard pa kaming susundin,” said ABG spokesperson Pastor Sam Alejandro.

(With a report from Ruil Alabi)