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The City Council has asked the Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO), its independent power producers (IPPs), and the National Power Corporation (NPC) to submit a report explaining the constant power outages in Puerto Princesa and recommended solutions.

Councilor Jimmy Carbonell, chair of the committee on energy, said Monday that PALECO, Delta P Inc., Palawan Power Generation, Inc. (PPGI), DMCI Power Corporation, and the NPC should explain the situation and why is it unresolved.

Carbonell summoned them on May 27, lamenting in his privilege speech that the constant power outages seem to have no solution anymore.

“It is not only seen but also a fact that almost every day we experience blackouts and brownouts… talagang nakakalungkot na ata Engr. Nelson Lalas ang sitwasyon natin. Ako ay nalulungkot talaga dahil ang City Government ay full support naman sa inyo,” he said.

Nelson Lalas, PALECO’s project supervisor and acting general manager, said they will do this and submit to the City Council’s energy committee their monthly report to keep it informed about issues concerning the power services and the measures they implement to rectify them.

Lalas said they will be happy to do so since the monthly report will show the members of the City Council that they are doing their best to set the situation right.

“Actually, we are very happy about this because our reports will show how we’re able to address the different findings [regarding the power outages] and what are the corrective measures that we implemented and want to implement. Even the power providers and the NAPOCOR will be submitting their monthly report,” Lalas said.

On Monday’s Question Hour of the City Council, Lalas said the power outages were due to “overloaded distribution and transmission lines, frequency and voltage fluctuations, and animals being trapped on bare wires”.

“They were caused by frequency and voltage fluctuations because we are using our power plant, which is the diesel. Sometimes it is the distribution lines of PALECO that encounter unbalanced loading,” Lalas explained.

He said they are starting to replace the bare lines with insulated conductors, stating further that they are also planning to separate Puerto Princesa from other municipal lines.

He said this will be done by constructing different substations in Southern and Northern Palawan in the towns of Aborlan and Taytay.

Meanwhile, Delta P power plant manager Engr. Christopher Navarro said the installed capacity of their two plants is 40 megawatts.

PPGI power plant manager Engr. Zaldimer Brillo, on the other hand, said that out of the 15.2 megawatts of their dependable capability, they are supplying 13.5 megawatts to PALECO daily.

Engr. Rolando Chavez, power plant manager of DMCI, explained their contracted energy to PALECO is only 25 megawatts per day, yet they can even supply up to around 32.5 megawatts.

NAPOCOR power plant manager Engr. Christopher Navarro said they are only responsible for the transmission lines.

“Kami sa NPC, wala na kaming planta dito sa grid. Ibig sabihin we are responsible for the transmission lines only. Our transmission line is from Puerto Princesa to Brooke’s Point, almost 170 circuit kilometers, and then from Puerto to Roxas, 111 circuit kilometers, plus the tie line from Irawan sub-station to PALECO,” said Navarro.

Lalas said there is sufficient power supply from the PALECO power providers.