The approval of the holding of “sabong” even during the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) registration period is being sought from the City Council to generate income.

Lawyer Arnel Pedrosa, the city administrator, said Tuesday that the request to allow the holding of regular and special cockfights was made to “to regulate the [issuance of permits] for the activity”, pointing out that it will only be calendared every Sunday.

“We checked with the provincial [COMELEC] board and they said na okay naman ang sabong kapag Sunday, but we want to have it [in writing through a resolution] para hindi kami maging criminally and administratively liable when we issue permits,” he said.

Jomel Ordas, COMELEC spokesperson, affirmed Pedrosa’s statement and said that COMELEC Resolution No. 10635 only used the term “days”, and not “period”, which was construed as Mondays to Saturdays starting January 20, 2020, to September 30, 2021.

“The resumption of registration period excludes Sunday. Sabong, which is one of the enumerated prohibited activities, may be allowed on those days,” Ordas said.

The governing national law, Presidential Decree 449, reinforced by City Ordinance No. 794 remained permissive on cockfighting during the COMELEC registration period.

The amendment on Section 12.B.04 of the ordinance will specifically exempt Sunday for the cockfight ban imposed by the COMELEC.