City budget hearings set

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The City Council will start its deliberation on the proposed P2.8 billion city government budget for 2018 in appropriations committee hearings on Thursday, October 26.

City Councilor Jonjie Rodriguez, chairman of appropriations committee, said the City Council received on Monday, Oct. 23, the budget proposal from the executive department.

Rodriguez said the 2018 budget is higher than 2017’s P2.5 billion budget.

“The allotted annual budget is fixed. How will it be utilized as proposed by the executive department will be tackled during the deliberation,” Rodriguez said.

Asked what are the priorities in the 2018 budget, Rodriguez said he has yet to read the proposal, but said it is usually divided into personal services (30%), economic services (30%), social services (30%) and other services (10%).

At the committee meeting, he said all of the department heads and program managers will present and defend each of their office’s budget proposal.

The deliberation would take at least a month, he added.

Prior to annual budget deliberation, Rodriguez said the City Council will first deliberate the annual investment plan, a long list of projects to be implemented in the city.

“Expect that in the deliberation for the annual investment plan, there would be revisions. Once approved, it will serve as the basis for us to approve the annual budget,” he added.

Rodriguez said the committee aims to pass the annual budget and investment plan before the year ends.


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