Church based foundation promising various support, “too good to be true”?

Board member Ponce de Leon wants provincial IT unit to create a computer app for boarding house seekers

Where in Asia you could find a charitable institution that provides all the basic needs of mankind? In Palawan there is group called Saint John of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta Foundation of The Philippines that promises to provide free water, housing, and one sack of rice very month per family, free parcel of land, education, hospitalization, and retirement insurance. They also promised to give a minimum of P34, 000 assistance per family every month, among others. What can you say?


The Provincial Board of Palawan in their session Tuesday, December 2, is skeptical on the on the existence of the group in Palawan because of its “too good to be true” promises.


During the Question and Answer Hour, Purificacion Murillo faced the members of the board to shed light the issues relative to their group. Murillo represented Marino L. Ravino, founding chairman and chief executive officer of the foundation.


Murillo said that Palawan is one of the 81 provinces in the country to receive the assistance of the foundation. She disclosed that the one behind the program is from Israel. Murillo claimed that the main guy of the foundation was instrumental for the progress of United States of America, Singapore and other progressive countries.


She said that the foundation aims to provide land for the landless, house for the homeless, and livelihood projects for the marginalized sector of the country.


The foundation targets to buy lands in Aborlan town at P25.00 per square meter. The main beneficiary for a parcel of land and livelihood projects are the land owners who sold their property at a lower price.


Board Member Al Rama was disappointed with the explanation of Murillo because she failed to disclose the real identity of the person who leads the foundation. The group also failed to show their ongoing projects in other parts of the country.


The Board will pass a resolution enjoining the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct a thorough investigation about the foundation.

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