Palawenyo Savers and iOptions Ventures Corp. handpicked Palawan-made products to be given away as Christmas gifts to friends and partners. | Photo from Palawenyo Savers

For years, the Palawenyo Savers and iOptions Ventures Corp. (iOptions) have been supporting Palawan-made products, giving them away as gifts and tokens to friends and partners outside the province. This year, they made an extra effort to make them stand out as gifts for the season by adding a touch of sustainability.

Five locally made products have been intricately curated by Palawenyo Savers and iOptions to be part of this year’s Christmas gift set, especially wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

They made sure that the products included in the gift set were of high quality and something that can be promoted as proudly Palawan-made.

“We have businesses in Palawan. It only follows that in our effort to promote local products, that would be the natural choice in gifting friends in other parts of the Philippines,” Xian Sing of iOptions told Palawan News.

Balai Princesa, from sister company iVentures Development, has also given away locally sourced oils and balms as a token for their guests who joined the IronMan 70.3 event in the city last November. | Photo from Palawenyo Savers.

“One of the standards is if we like it. We personally use the products, and we think that other people might like them,” he added.

Aside from the quality, Palawenyo Savers and iOptions made sure that the products were made by individuals and companies with reputable corporate values.

The group underscored their advocacy of supporting and promoting quality local Palaweño products, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and Typhoon Odette.

“We believe that we all need to help each other. We really made great efforts in discovering products that are of good quality and that we can proudly say Palawan-made so they will know that there’s more to Palawan than the usual pasalubong items,” Sing said.

The gift set includes Light and Dark Cocoes Syrup and Aminos made from coconut flower saps cultivated by the Lionheart Farm at the foot of Palawan’s highest landscape, Mt. Mantalingahan in Rizal Town, Organic Raw Honey from Haley’s Bee Farm; and a hot sauce set from home-based Maldita Fiery Foods or locally sourced cashew nuts from local communities.

It also includes CassaBags, a hot-water soluble bag made of cassava. Watered on plants, the dissolved CassaBag works as an added nitrogen component.

Sing admitted having difficulties sourcing the supplies for the products because some suppliers were not used to receiving bulk orders.

Around 150 gift sets will be given away as Christmas gifts to friends and partners of Palawenyo Savers and iOptions, including some notable individuals.

The gift sets are encased in fully biodegradable and compostable bagasse boxes wrapped with an abaca twine and personalized gift tags made of recycled paper. | Photo from Palawenyo Savers/iOptions

Highlighting sustainability in this year’s gift set, Palawenyo Savers and iOptions have partnered with Bee, a Palawan-based eco-friendly packaging solutions provider, for the gift wrappers.

“Being Palawenos by heart, we wanted to protect Palawan as much as we wanted to protect the environment. By incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable packaging with this year’s gift set, we wanted to encourage our friends to take part in our advocacy,” he said.

Palawenyo Savers and iOptions hope to inspire others to make the holidays more special and meaningful by helping local entrepreneurs, promoting local products, and advocating sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Interested individuals may reach Bee on their social media accounts at @bee.philippines.