A medic of Chinese PLA naval vessel Aba takes the blood pressure of wounded Filipino fisherman Sonny Agting. (Photo from Xinhua News via Chinese Embassy Manila)

In a post on its social media accounts today, the Chinese Embassy in Manila disclosed that their People’s Liberation Army (PLA) naval vessel named Aba recently rescued two Filipino fishermen who sought their assistance.

The Chinese Embassy said that after one of them sustained an injury from a propeller blade, resulting in bleeding, their ship’s medics assessed the foot wound and subsequently transported both individuals onto their vessel for additional medical care.

Although it didn’t specify the name of the injured fisherman, the images they shared suggest that it is Sonny Agting, 46, who was previously reported by Palawan News as having been rescued by BRP Antonio Luna on September 17 near Sabina (Escoda) Shoal.

Agting, who serves as a crew member on the Filipino fishing vessel Camano 1, suffered a severe injury when he was struck on his left foot by the propeller while engaged in a fishing expedition in the West Philippine Sea.

Chinese PLA naval vessel Aba. (Photo from Xinhua News via Chinese Embassy Manila)

“We were moved by hearing about the recent rescue of two Philippine fishermen by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It’s a story that reminds us of the importance of humanitarian efforts and cooperation between nations,” the Chinese Embassy said.

“Chinese PLA naval vessel Aba was approached by two Philippine fishermen seeking help when one of the fishermen suffered wounds inflicted by propeller blades and began losing blood. The PLA naval medics kindly examined the wound then brought the fisherman aboard their vessel for further treatment, immediately disinfecting, bandaging, and closing the wound,” it added.

The Chinese PLA additionally supplied the Filipino fishermen with provisions like food and medical essentials, including drinking water, antibiotics, and pain relievers, before safely transporting them to the “Philippine side.”

The Chinese Embassy claimed that the rescue underscores the interconnectedness of all people, irrespective of their nationality.

“This story reminds us that we are all interconnected, regardless of nationality. The rescue serves as an example of what we can achieve when we work together, and we hope it inspires more such acts in the future,” it said.

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