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Gov. Alvarez says creation of 3 provinces will provide ‘better future’

Alvarez said that currently, barangays that do not have natural wealth have no share, which is not fair.

COMELEC Palawan prepares for plebiscite

The process is still the same with the regular elections aside from manual voting and counting.

Palawan towns excluded from upcoming new voter registration

Palawan's 23 municipalities are excluded from the new registration in view of the plebiscite scheduled in May for the proposal to divide Palawan into three smaller provinces.

Voter registration for 2022 polls resumes Jan. 20

The poll body said the registration will start on January 20 and will run until Sept. 30, 2021.

COMELEC sets preparation for Palawan division plebiscite

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in Resolution No. 10620 promulgated on Tuesday prescribed the calendar of activities and certain prohibited acts in line with the plebiscite.

Capitol eyes Bataraza conversion into a city

Governor Jose Alvarez said Bataraza's P100 million income and land area qualify the southern town, which hosts a major mining company, into a city. It said its population requirement will be complied with.  

HTU holds symposium on Palawan division

Alyssa Rocamora, a professor in Holy Trinity University said that the symposium was focused on raising awareness for the students to realize their roles in government affairs and decision making.

Let the people decide Palawan division issue – Malacañang

“Hayaan na muna natin ang taong bayan ng Palawan ang mag-desisyon tungkol dyan. It’s a sensitive topic at dapat free mabigyan ang mga tao to make that decision. Let the majority decide,” Nograles said.

Speedy relocation of electric poles along na’tl road sought

While residents are thankful for the road project, he said many are worried that the electric posts would cause accidents to motorists during nighttime.

Most city officials favor Palawan division

Most councilors of Puerto Princesa City have expressed support to the proposed division of Palawan, some even vowing to join the information campaign of...

Law creating 3 Palawan provinces is ‘oppressive’

Palawan's civil society movement opposed to the division of Palawan have warned that the "substantial change" in the sharing of the proceeds from the...

One Palawan petitions SC to nullify law creating 3 provinces

A petition to nullify Republic Act 11259 creating three Palawan provinces was filed Wednesday morning before the Supreme Court (SC) by the One Palawan...