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Editorial: Fighting the COVID-19 surge in Palawan

The past week saw a rapid surge of cases resulting from swab tests of stranded residents who had arrived from Manila, as the national government imposed the policy of speedy repatriation to decongest the capital. From a zero active case record, Palawan rapidly peaked to a total of 15 record cases as of Saturday,

NBA Team Practicing in the Bubble

There are a few notable absentees in the Orlando Wide World of Sports campuses such as Avery Bradley of the Los Angeles Lakers (declined to return to the bubble), Russell Westbrook (temporary out due to COVID-19), Trevor Ariza of the Portland Trailblazers (who, like Bradley, declined to return to the bubble), and almost half of the Brooklyn Nets roster due to injuries and infections.

The Next Gilas Head Coach

The latest buzz in the Philippine basketball realm is that Tim Cone, head coach of the Barangay Ginebra in our very own Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), is the favorite to land the Gilas head coaching role for this year’s Southeast Asian Games to be hosted by our basketball-loving country.

The Knights of Intramuros

Just to give the younger audience a glimpse of this rivalry, these two teams started slugging it out in classic match ups in the 80’s with the Knights’ Samboy Lim’s early dominance up to the decade ending back to back wins by the the Bong Alvarez and Eugene Quilban led Stags squads.

Wanted: a determined response to the Coronavirus threat

The global threat from the Coronavirus that has spread out from Wuhan, China has already killed over 150 individuals since December, according to media...

The NCAA Going “Importless” in 2020

There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not the NCAA is becoming more traditional, secluded or to some extent, against the equal opportunity for aspiring foreign student-athletes.

Surprise, It’s A Holiday!

"Don’t rush. Take your time." This piece of advice has remained relevant for generations. It’s utilized in most aspects of life, but is arguably...


It was supposed to be a date that almost everybody abhors—January 13, a Friday. This unlucky day, however, was set to launch “Pagetek Foodcourt”—the...

Sports Intel — Going Gaga Over the Last Dance

With the League regular season suspended indefinitely, fans are left wanting and eager for game time action. It is tiring to watch regular-season replays and people are looking forward to the resumption of this season if the NBA decides to do so … a big IF given that the United States is now the epicenter of the pandemic. The release of the Last Dance is a breath of fresh air for a basketball country like the Philippines.

The Pause of the Sporting World

Palawan, the threat of COVID19 is real. The sporting world itself took the precautionary measure to suspend activities until a cure or until...

Sports Intel: The NBA Playoffs 1 to 16 Scenario

Discussions about simply jumping outright to the playoff rounds with the current top 16 teams or to bring back the top 20 or so clubs that have a chance to still make the knockout stages. It doesn’t look like all 30 teams will be asked to come back. It’s a possible end of the season for, at most, 10 NBA teams as league and team representatives go around the plans to revive the season.

Editorial: On the home stretch in fighting the pandemic

Palawan has so far managed to keep the pandemic at bay. Since the entire Luzon went into lockdown in mid-March, it has had only four confirmed positive cases and one death - a rather small number in the context of the nationwide situation.