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EDITORIAL: A casual talk about “arming civilians”

In a recent speech during the launch and oath-taking of the Global Coalition of Lingkod Bayan Advocacy Support Groups and Force Multipliers at the...

Banning flying balloons is a good start

A proposed ordinance prohibiting the release of flying balloons within the territorial jurisdiction of Puerto Princesa was filed last Monday by a member of...

“Be more present.”

This was a piece of advice I was given during a difficult period of time I had this summer. I was tense and stressed...

EDITORIAL: Should LGUs lift or retain travel restrictions in Palawan?

This week, the National Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) made a crucial decision to allow local governments the discretion to lift certain travel restrictions including...

EDITORIAL: Governance and civil society, the Badong Socrates legacy

It commonly happens in any legislative chamber or policy-making body that matters are resolved fait accompli in backroom caucuses and that plenary procedures to formalize an agreement or a decision become mere optics. This makes it hard to second guess what had transpired before the plenary action of the resolution sponsored by Board Member Al Rama and to understand the context of the decision they had made.

Narra mayor faces a critical decision on the coal plant

The issuance by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) of an environmental compliance certificate (ECC) to the coal-fired power plant facility in...

Divine Mercy — COVID-19 Life-changing Virus

Behind its ravaging disaster of COVID-19, we learn some down-to-earth basic lessons. Before the outbreak of this viral pandemonium, life in many parts of the world was fast, everyone was in a hurry to go everywhere and anywhere, from dawn to dusk, sunrise to sunset, many cities “don’t sleep”, businesses go on, as usual, many people make the night a day and day a night.

LBJ’s Dominance and Legacy

With them being one win away from the crown, Lebron James is but 1 game away from building his resume as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time). If the Lakers win it all this season, Lebron would win an NBA championship on each team that he played for in his career (the first 3 came from his stints with the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers).

NBA Mid Season

Hello Palawan!  The National Basketball Association 2018 – 2019 season has reached its midseason point and I would like to give you an assessment...

Being Nice vs. Planning Efficiently. Or Could We have Both?

About 25 years ago, maybe more, my husband and I signed up to teach in Japan for two years. About a week before we...

Lent a desert journey

I have seen vast tracts of desert lands in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, extending as far as your eyes can see. They look refined...

More on the NBA Trade Deadline

Palawan, it has been a full week past the National Basketball Association (NBA) trade deadline and it is that time when we can assess...