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A Passion for Journalism

Anyone who has a set of skills and passion can write. But not everyone can have a chance to have a platform for their...

The NCAA Going “Importless” in 2020

There’s an ongoing debate on whether or not the NCAA is becoming more traditional, secluded or to some extent, against the equal opportunity for aspiring foreign student-athletes.

EDITORIAL: The inevitable conclusion of the Senate probe

The Senate investigation into the anomalies surrounding the Philippine government's contract with Pharmally Pharmaceuticals is turning for the worse, on the account of President...


Be that as it may, the bottom line is we are altogether undergoing an onerous kind of test in our generation. True enough, in a rather peculiar manner, we do need tests here and now. A point in case is the banner story yesterday in our very Palawan News on the shift of the status of the province from ECQ to GCQ. There must be more to that than what meets the eye. Admittedly, it should not be taken as a reason to be celebratory about, not just yet.

Sports Intel — Tokyo Olympics 2020 + 1

The move to shelf, postpone or cancel sporting events that drive people to the stadiums in thousands, is a painful financial pill to swallow but very essential to save lives.

International Day of the Girl; The Sky’s the Limit

In the Philippines we are lucky as there is already a strong tradition of women in education and women excelling in education. Many families, if they can only afford to educate one child, will choose a girl for this privilege. But increasingly over the years greater numbers of girls have found their education derailed by unplanned pregnancies. So it turns out that being educated in reproductive health is a very important ingredient in the phenomenon of Girls' Rising.

The Great Filipino Hope

It is off to foreign land for high school sensation Kai Sotto, Palawan!  The towering 7 foot 2 center of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets...

Change Plan

After returning from their mission the apostles told Jesus of what they did and the Lord planned to go to a private place so...

PBA 2019

Happy new year, Palawan!  Let’s kick off this year’s columns with what’s immediately in store for us in Philippine sports. On January 13, 2019, the...

Editorial: Governance challenges in the face of COVID-19

Current statistics show a steady rise in the number of "persons under investigation" (PUI) and "persons under monitoring" (PUM), with the number expected to increase as contact tracing on the case of the Australian tourist is completed.

Too young, doesn’t mean…

I’m sixteen years old and too young to vote. But just because I’m too young doesn’t mean that I can’t be informed or passionate...

Life1A: What Time is It?

School classrooms in most countries have been one of the most easily affected in the modern pandemic’s wake, a global tsunami that has the power to reshape the way we live, how we move around and how we think.