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Blood is not always thicker than water

Every time we hear the saying “blood is thicker than water,” we are reminded that familial ties are stronger than any other connections we...

EDITORIAL: Let the axe fall where it may

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday this week disclosed yet another list of "narco politicians" comprising of 46 government officials who are supposed to be...

EDITORIAL: Starting from scratch

This school year, students will try to educate themselves by going through modules prepared by their teachers and guided by their parents. It is an altogether new approach that is translated into different sets of challenges depending on where a school is located, or if there is electricity and internet connection.

Of Independence, I Carried Blood

To wrestle down the strong urge to smoke (a cigarette), I decided to write. I quit smoking fourteen (14) days ago. I had been cuddling...

EDITORIAL: Pharmally, a case of cronyism

The Senate Blue Ribbon investigation into the P42 billion Pharmally deal has uncovered a surprising revelation that former presidential economic adviser Michael Yang was...


For a total of 15 days, I was away from home. I did travel, quite extensively, during those days. People have accommodated me into...

Editorial: Peace is the only way

Russian President Vladimir Putin this week ordered an invasion of Ukraine, a bold decision that put into harms way millions of innocent civilians in...

Status of Joel Reyes cases

In the latest legal twist in the 11-year-old murder case of Gerry Ortega, the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) asked the Supreme Court...

EDITORIAL: Revisiting the Palawan energy masterplan

The Palawan Island Energy Development Plan (PIEDP), an energy master plan crafted by the Department of Energy for Palawan in 2014, is an insightful...

Teaching the noblest of all noble professions

Sometimes, the contributions of teachers to the development of tomorrow's generation, and indeed the country's overall development, are not acknowledged.

Medical Care in Puerto Princesa

My musings on medical care started with a friend whose husband is in a health crisis. His care is expensive and at this point...

Editorial: Stand as one, heal as one

Much as we would like to share the view that the country is winning the war against COVID-19, the government's own data tends to douse such enthusiasm.