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Whistling in the Dark

The day the Ampatuans were convicted and sentenced to life in prison happens to be the same day that Donald Trump was officially impeached in Washington. My eldest grandson, a very promising journalist, was jubilant.

Making Joy

I belong to a small book club that is just getting started. One of the group chooses something to read, we all get it...

My Father on Facebook

My father didn't look quite right on Facebook, as several long time friends and relatives were quick to note. Imagine my surprise when I...

I’m Back!

At 10:30 yesterday morning I was sitting in an empty classroom in PSU, smiling to myself. My class had just ended: we had had a very good discussion of the short story “Flowers for Algernon” in which a young man with some serious learning disabilities was used for a scientific experiment in creating intelligence by manipulating the brain through surgery.

Mentoring and Women’s Day

Last Saturday I was privileged to be part of the Mentoring Walk organized by Roots of Health/Ugat ng Kalusugan for our wonderful Youth Advocates....

Seniors in the Time of Corona

Later that day I heard Robs was closed to seniors, although this wasn’t confirmed. The day after that we were locked down and urgently told to stay home.


Many years ago when I lived in Mindoro, I had a friend who was actually from Palawan, and as it turned out, from a well-known family here. She was from the Fernandez family, one of a set of twins.

Medical Care in Puerto Princesa

My musings on medical care started with a friend whose husband is in a health crisis. His care is expensive and at this point...