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Heart and Soil: Palawan’s Gentle Birth

I am writing this now as a friend from Ireland is outside this room in an intense process of giving birth to a baby girl in a pool of water inside this rented house in Casuy Road, Barangay Santa Monica.

No Problems Too Big

At the onset of the Philippine summer, we set out to support Puerto Princesa City’s backyard gardening initiatives during the COVID-19 lockdown that began in mid-March. As we tilled the parched earth in our neighbors’ backyards, we realized there was little water to hydrate the gardens. In summer, there’s insufficient water for bath, laundry and dishes, let alone for vegetable plants.

Helping how we help

It dawned on us that the ecological problem was partly caused by human waste cycles and we weren’t about to give away white rice, instant noodles, and canned goods packed and shipped away in plastic bags that flew from far-away places.