Be a loaf of bread and a fish to others

Christ is the fulfillment of God’s promises. His coming provided healing and a rich feast for the people. He cured the sick and fed...


Bishop Broderick Pabillo has just been “seated” as the new shepherd of the northern part of Palawan. After close to 3 years of being...

EDITORIAL: Mismanaging the COVID response

The news was that the Department of Health could also no longer forward the samples to their main laboratories in Manila like they used to do when the Ospital ng Palawan had no laboratory yet, as these were supposedly heavily backlogged already.

Heart and Soil: True Wealth

In the last months, the vehicle leaves the ecovillage early in the morning, driven by a volunteer to a far-away purok hall where a village leader stands astride a mountain of sacks stuffed with organic material awaiting to be picked up.

Distributing rice is not empowerment

This weeks's deliberations at the City Council has placed the Ugnayan sa Barangay, a program under the City Mayor’s Office, under scrutiny. According to its...


Did we do the right thing, attorney? Or did we violate any law with our decision to register the baby as our own child given the circumstances? 

Our life is a mountain climb

The Transfiguration of Jesus is a very striking moment of indescribable beauty and glory unfolded before the very eyes of the Peter, James, and...

Lent a desert journey

I have seen vast tracts of desert lands in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, extending as far as your eyes can see. They look refined...

International Day of the Girl; The Sky’s the Limit

In the Philippines we are lucky as there is already a strong tradition of women in education and women excelling in education. Many families, if they can only afford to educate one child, will choose a girl for this privilege. But increasingly over the years greater numbers of girls have found their education derailed by unplanned pregnancies. So it turns out that being educated in reproductive health is a very important ingredient in the phenomenon of Girls' Rising.

No to Frustrations

BSDU is a sort of virus in the pursuit of self-improvement (Balik Sa Dating Ugali). To change the “ugali” is far too lofty, if not an exercise in futility.

PENRO Saños should act on this one

Roy Bero, true son of El Nido and quintessential critic of any and all degradation of the town's environment, posted on Facebook a picture...

EDITORIAL: Palawan rising

This week, Puerto Princesa City proclaimed itself COVID-free.  Palawan towns, including Calamian Islands Group and Cuyo that had also surged in local transmission cases, also started to trim their numbers. To date, only 48 active cases remained throughout the province out of a total of 458 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with only four recorded deaths and 364 recoveries.