Amid the pandemic, young city women find opportunity in pop-up coffee retail

The coffee pop-up is a straight up business of delivering cold brews and hot drinks from roasted and ground seeds close to where caffeine aficionados are, most often in open spaces on major streets for a limited period of time.

A coffee idea

After watching a series of YouTube videos from a vlogger in Thailand, Adrian was encouraged to put up his own version of a coffee cub, which is seen as coffee selling on a classic-designed motorcycle. The idea was inspired by the business type in Thailand, which already operates especially in Bangkok.

FoodlinePH app offers hassle-free food ordering

FoodlinePH traces its beginnings to the lockdown period when mobility was limited to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The app was then launched on July 11.

Enjoy specialty restaurant cuisines at home with your city shopper

You can now have your favorite restaurant specialties from SM City Puerto Princesa delivered to your doorstep with its recently launched You City Shopper service.

Mom’s Day with SM: Celebrate with Food-to-Go

To help you prepare, here’s a list of mouth-watering treats you can get via take-out or delivery from operational establishments like bakeries, fast food places, pizza restaurants, and coffee shops, at SM City Puerto Princesa.

The Ultimate Milk Tea Guide in Puerto Princesa

In the past, there were food fads that quickly rose to popularity but went off the trend just as quickly. But not milk tea. For...

HEIRLOOM RECIPE: Native chicken dinuguan

These heirloom recipes are products of the labor of love of people who discovered something with a deep longing to serve a kind of food that will bring so much joy to their loved one.

CACAOYAN FOREST PARK RESTAURANT: Where good food and art meet

In the mountains, hills, valleys, and plains, we discover authenticity. These are recipes developed by our brethren whose culture has become the pathway to the discovery of their kind of food for survival. These are the wealth that needs to be discovered so we could tell the world that we found our identity as a nation, as a community, and as individuals.

Bersian Restaurant is haven for best Middle Eastern food

You will know it’s good when you see tourists from the Middle East eat here. They say they feel “home away from home” when they eat at Bersian. But really, it’s as good as it gets in Puerto Princesa.

Hearty K-inspired addition to Palawan’s favorite hotpot, grill buffet

Unlimited beef, pork, chicken, seafood, noodles, dessert, and drinks... what else do you need?

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