Palaweño band releases debut single under US-based record label

For Bandang Polo, love is the greatest driving force for success in whatever role one might pursue. At least, that's how they started out...

“Pagsibol sa Palawan”, a homecoming tour

Jaycen, one of the two, said it is a “celebration of a milestone”, having the music video of their single “Pagsibol” released recently under Viva Records and was aired on MYX, a Quezon City-based TV channel targeted to youth audiences with music videos as its primary content.

ASIN to perform in Puerto Princesa

Dr. Joseph Tovera, the medical doctor and co-founder of the group, said he was inspired to create the group to help cancer patients.

El Nido local sings duet with A1’s Ben Adams

El Nido resident Edith Rodriguez got the chance to meet Ben Adams of the British-Norwegian boy band A1 in a neighborhood karaoke bar and...

Homegrown culture-inspired band goes digital

The band celebrated the launch Saturday at E-Republik, now called Lafftrip Comedy Bar, by performing songs from their self-titled 10-track album, which contains songs they have composed and performed in the 18-year existence.

Ai Music holds week-long benefit gig for Ulysses victims

Dubbed “Palaweñong Musikero, Tumulong Tayo!”, the online gig is in partnership with the PSU University Student Government (PSU-USG). It will be a weeklong online gig featuring local artists.

Why Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas songs might be less heard in public this holiday...

Christmas season in the Philippines has traditionally been signaled by Jose Mari Chan's Christmas carols being played in public places. However, this may not...