Photo from the Community Affairs Division through the Palawan Provincial Information Office.

The provincial government has reported that the PAG-ASA Para sa Masa Program, run by its Community Affairs Division (CAD), has provided burial aid to 1,996 Palaweños in 2022.

The burial support comprises free embalming services for 1,639 individuals, free caskets for 1,640 individuals, and free transportation for 628 individuals throughout the province’s towns.

A 2014 executive order signed by then-governor Jose Alvarez established the PAG-ASA Para sa Masa Program. CAD chief Rolando Buñi stated through the Provincial Information Office (PIO) that it is still being carried out under the guidance of Governor Victorino Dennis Socrates to provide urgent assistance to Palaweños whose loved ones have died.

Aside from the CAD office, he said residents who need help can visit accredited funeral homes in their municipalities to avail of their services.