The Palawan provincial government has opened up 1,500 job opportunities for qualified Palaweños in Malaysia.


Kitten Gomez, executive assistant V of Governor Jose Chaves Alvarez and program manager of Palawan Technical School in Aborlan town, said that she went to Malaysia last week with representatives of the Department of Immigration to check on job opportunities available for people applicants.


Among the jobs that maybe available for Palaweños are plumbers, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, electricians, welding and other technical-related jobs, Gomez said.


She added that everything will be formalized soon.


Meanwhile, Gomez said that graduates of the TESDA technical school in Aborlan are “lucky” because they were sent to train by the provincial government and it will also help them with getting a job in Malaysia.”


“We will also help them to process their passports,” she said.


The project is part of the governor’s Skills Training Employment Program or STEP.


Gomez said the provincial government is urging the youth in the province to study in the TESDA School in Aborlan “to take advantage of the Capitol program.”


They can go to their local Public Employment Services Office for additional information, she said.

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