The recent shooting incident in Narra that led to the death of barangay captain Roderick Aperocho has prompted the provincial board to seek the appearance of Palawan police authorities in its forthcoming committee hearings.

Board member Ryan Maminta, in a privilege speech, expressed concern over the killing of Aperocho in relation to the overall peace and order situation in the province.

“We haven’t heard or seen any update and news regarding the peace and order of the province particularly on the result of the investigation [in the incident in Narra], I think this year this is the 3rd incident. This is for reference and public safety. The best agency for this matter is the PNP,” he said.

Maminta observed that none of the recent cases with similar patterns of attacks involving motorcycle-riding hitmen had been resolved.

“Parang walang naso-solve sa mga incidents,” he said.

On November 5, Aperocho was shot and allegedly killed by two gunmen who attacked him in his house while he was having a drinking session with a companion. Police investigators have yet to determine the motive behind the killing. The police however noted that Aperocho has witnessed different drug operations and regarded this as a possible angle on the incident.

In a separate resolution, the provincial board also expressed deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family of the late barangay official.