The Provincial Information and Communications Technology Program of the province is promoting the use of digital signatures for transactions within the Capitol, utilizing the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure developed by the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

During the two-day Web Development & Management Training held on July 11 to 12, conducted by DICT in partnership with PICTP, participants were also taught how to obtain and utilize PNPKI for electronic signatures.

DICT ensured the security features of PNPKI, providing assurance to users regarding the safety, integrity, and confidentiality of information.

Engr. Virgo Pinangay, Palawan provincial officer of DICT, said it is a significant help not only to government agencies but also to the public.

“Kahit nasaang lugar or you are on travel, you can sign a document instantly using your laptop. The good thing about the digital signature na ino-offer ni DICT ay meron po itong four characteristics like integrity, confidentiality, authentication and non-repudiation that makes it different to usual e-signature,” Pinangay said.

“Over all, it contributes effectiveness in providing a secure and reliable infrastructure for government communications and transactions,” he added.

PICTP program manager Agnes Alarilla fully supports the use of PNPKI digital signatures, as it expedites the process of transactions within the Provincial Government.

She said the advantage of implementing digital signatures is that it streamlines transaction processes, enhances security, improves convenience and accessibility, and establishes a reliable infrastructure for government communications in Palawan.

“Malaking help ang e-signature especially for officers because they can sign documents even though they are on official travel, or nasa meeting outside the office. This way, tuloy pa rin ang processing ng transactions,” said Alarilla.

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