Canvas Boutique Hotel unveils two murals in Puerto Princesa

The lobby of the Canvas Boutique Hotel spruced up by the “Wander Wall” and “Botanical Wall” mural masterpieces done by visual artists Edward Beguina and Mike Garcia of “Art on the Move” in Palawan, and Manila-based muralist Anina Rubio.

Canvas Boutique Hotel, known for its vibrant interior design and light-filled spaces, unveiled on December 8 two new mural masterpieces to bring love for art into their client sphere.

The murals that can be found in the boutique hotel’s reception area also aim to sustainably support Puerto Princesa City’s arts and artist community.

Precious Palado, marketing communications officer of Oak Drive Hotels and Resorts, a lifestyle hospitality company currently operating properties in different hospitality categories around the country, said the murals are by visual artists Edward Beguina and Mike Garcia of “Art on the Move” in Palawan, and Manila-based muralist Anina Rubio.


(L-R) Faith Roldan, marketing operations assistant of Oak Drive Hotels and Resorts; Jerry Tanilon, manager of Canvas Boutique Hotel; Anina Rubio, “Botanical Wall” muralist; Precious Palado, marketing communications officer of lifestyle hospitality company Oak Drive Hotels and Resorts, and Marjorie Guma, banquet sales executive

Called “Wander Wall” and “Botanical Wall”, the murals form part of their boutique hotel’s shared responsibility to ensure that the messages behind the artworks and the talents and skills of their artists are promoted to reach the right audience.

“One of the primary advocacies of Canvas Boutique Hotel is to support the local community, especially the artists here in Puerto Princesa. We believe that if we empower the locals and give them business opportunities here, it’s like paving the way on creating a sustainable community for them,” Palado said.

Palado added the two artists conceptualized and completed the adventure mural art map in five days to add to Canvas Boutique Hotel’s interesting interior features.

The “Wander Wall” by Beguina and Garcia is Canvas Boutique Hotel’s version of the city “Wander List” that is distributed to their guests regularly upon check-in.

(L-R) Art on the Move-Palawan artist Edward Beguina; Canvas Boutique Hotel manager Jerry Tanilon; local artist Mike Garcia with wife and daughter; Marjorie Guma, banquet sales executive of Canvas Boutique Hotel, and Precious Palado, marketing communications officer of lifestyle hospitality company Oak Drive Hotels and Resorts.

Its wall layout provides a realistic visual aid of the different tourism destinations in the city that can help viewers who may want to visit them.

The “Botanical Wall” by Rubio, on the other hand, brings together some of Palawan’s endemic avian treasures on the lobby wall such as the Oriental dwarf kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) and the yellow-throated leafbird (Chloropsis palawanensis).

Beguina, who started painting full time four years ago, said he did not feel any hint of pressure during the mural painting process because of his passion for art.

He said Canvas Boutique Hotel’s effort to support the local artists inspired him and Garcia to complete the mural in no amount of time.

“Kung gusto mo talaga iyong ginagawa mo, hindi mo talaga dapat sukuan. Trabaho lang nang trabaho, hanggang sa maging pulido (If you really love what you do, you will not give up. Just work and work, until everything’s finalized),” Beguina said.

Garcia, who spent two decades painting professionally, said the “Wander Wall” was referenced from the Google Map to make a truthful appearance of the city map.

He said their life is constantly about struggles, but they forget them when their passion is challenged to come up with works of art like the “Wander Wall” that can now be viewed at the entrance hall of Canvas Boutique Hotel.

“Ang buhay ng artist talagang struggle sa lahat ng aspeto. But when it comes to the output, it is really rewarding (The life of an artist is a struggle in all aspects),” Garcia said.

Rubio, meanwhile, said that in her mural, she kept in mind that the Philippines is a tropical country where there is an abundance of plant species that would complement the Oriental dwarf kingfisher and yellow-throated leafbird on the wall.

She layered the two birds in beds of dama de noche, abaca, snake plants and hibiscus flowers, making her mural artwork 98 percent about the natural environment.

Rubio, who used to work full time in the corporate profession, said her art enables her to release stress and to find her inner peace.

“This passion is all about taking risks. It is not easy, but when you take that risk you have to commit 500 percent of your effort, time, heart and yourself to it. And with collaboration from different artists, you expand your network which will gain you many potential clients. At the end of the day, it will all go down to taking risks.” she shared.

Canvas Hotel Boutique is located along the national road in Barangay San Miguel, just a two-minute drive away from the Puerto Princesa City International Airport.

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