(Rodney Galicha's photo courtesy of Green Convergence Philippines)

A faith-based environmental group has called for the promotion of business practices that are responsive to the emerging challenges of climate change.

The group “Living Laudato Si”, one of the key participants in the Green State of the Nature Assessment (SONA) held Tuesday, said “sustainable” business and enterprise decisions are crucial in addressing global warming and related climate change challenges.

Rodne Galicha, the group’s lead convenor and 2018 The Outstanding Young Men and Women of the Philippines (TOYM) awardee, said Filipinos do not only realize the “power of the purse” that they have to contributing to pro-environmental issues.

“While actions such as avoiding the single-use plastics, proper waste management and other individual measures we take as ordinary Filipinos are very important, an efficient and impactful manner by which we can achieve permanent positive change for the environment is through sustainable enterprise,” Galicha said.

Living Laudato Si is the “latest movement that joins increasing efforts of various non-profit ad socio-civic groups to mitigate climate risk in the Philippines”.

A response to the landmark 2015 encyclical issued by Pope Francis, this group’s goal is to care for “our common home” which outlines concrete steps of the “Catholic and Christian faithful” in a world inflicted with challenges of climate change.

Galicha also added that companies and businesses worldwide are being called to create value for shareholders and ensure positive impact on the environment.

“This means making sure that our money is not used for coal-fed power plants, mining and other environmentally destructive businesses,” Galicha said.

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