Thirty-one business establishments in the city have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) to stop offering single-use plastic straws.

Jovic Fabello, PCSD spokesperson, said this is part of their “Skip the Straw, Save a Turtle” campaign aimed at protecting the wildlife in the province, specifically the marine turtles.

Fabello said the campaign taps private establishments such as hotels and restaurants in Puerto Princesa and the whole Palawan to sign a “skip the straw agreement”.

“We are encouraging all establishments sana in Puerto Princesa City and in the province of Palawan to join the bandwagon para dito sa campaign natin na ito na totally ma-reduce na and ma-eliminate ang plastic straws. Marami namang alternative sa plastic straw, kailangan lang talaga ma-put into practice. It is a matter of culture, way of life, and kakayanin natin ‘yan,” he said.

He said the reduction of the use of plastic straws will not only save the marine turtles but will help protect the ecosystem and the entire biosphere.

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Fabello said marine turtles are the usual victims because they mistake single-use plastic straws and other plastics as food.

“Silang mga turtles usually ang victim dahil ang plastic ay napapagkamalan nilang jellyfish. Unfortunately, when somebody throws a plastic at ‘yon ay pumunta sa ating mga sewage o kanal pati imburnal, ang final destination niyan ay dagat. So kaya doon siya may effect na malaki, pero at the same time meron din siyang effect sa ating natural environment kaya talagang ganiyan na lang ‘yong ating pagpupursige na ma-reduce ‘yong paggamit ng plastic straws,” he pointed out.

In 2016, the PCSD in partnership with JCI Puerto Princesa Peacock, Inc. (or Peacock Jaycees) started the campaign to raise the awareness of students on wildlife issues.

The Skip the Straw, Save a Turtle was launched in 2017.

Fabello said they hope to tap other sectors to join the campaign.

“Ito ‘yong isa sa mga bagay na talagang kinakampanya natin, hindi lamang tayo kundi marami ring local government units,  mga indibidwal at private groups. Definitely we will reach out sa iba pang mga sector ng society,” he added.

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