The team on board BRP Antonio Luna raises fisherman Sonny Agting onto their vessel to provide urgent medical care.(Photo from Western Command)

A fisherman who sustained a severe leg injury was rescued on Sunday by BRP Antonio Luna near Sabina Shoal in the West Philippine Sea while conducting a routine maritime and sovereignty patrol.

He was identified as 46-year-old Sonny Agting, a member of the FFB Camano 1 crew. Commander Ariel Joseph Coloma, the spokesperson for the Western Command (Wescom), explained that he sustained an injury when the boat’s propeller struck his left leg on September 17 during a fishing sojourn in the area.

“Nakalublob ata siya sa tubig na umaandar pa ang makina and propeller. Nahagip ang paa niya kaya na-injure,” he said Monday afternoon.

BRP Antonio Luna (FF151), a vessel under the operational jurisdiction of the AFP Wescom, received a distress call from the said Filipino fishing boat and immediately responded.

Captain Clyde Domingo, skipper of the frigate, conveyed in a statement issued by Wescom that they promptly changed their route and steered toward the fishing boat’s position. They deployed a rigid inflatable boat carrying a rescue team to transfer Agting from his boat to their vessel for urgent medical attention.

“Despite our distance from the distressed fishing boat, we acted as fast as we could to provide immediate assistance to the injured Filipino fisherman,” Domingo said.

Following this, the ship’s medical team promptly administered medical care and attention that Agting urgently required, before initiating the medical evacuation procedure towards Ulugan Bay in mainland Palawan.

Agting is currently in stable condition and is accompanied by his son.

The effective rescue operation carried out by FF151 stands as an example of Wescom’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives at sea.

“The safety and welfare of those under our care will forever be our foremost concern,” said Domingo.