Brooke’s Point turns plastics into hollow blocks

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The municipal government of Brooke’s Point is set to embark on a project that will produce hollow blocks utilizing pulverized plastic wrappers as  binders.

Mayor Mary Jean Feliciano said they plan to start the project in August this year. The manufacturing process involves mixing the plastic materials with cement and sand.

The hollow blocks making will be done within the town’s sanitary landfill in Barangay Maasin, since the machines and other tools in making the concrete hollow blocks are installed in their landfill. The landfill is expected to operate within the month.

“Malapit nang mag-operate ang ating sanitary landfill, and in two months ay sisimulan na natin ang paggagawa ng hollow blocks gamit ang plastic,” she said.

The town’s eco park located in Barangay Tubtub, near the town proper of Brooke’s Point is a showcase of its waste management initiatives. Its eco-park has a residual containment area where plastic wrappers and other residual wastes are put in sacks or containers to be mixed with other waste materials.

The eco park has also a composting area for biodegrable wastes, materials recovery facilities (MRF) for the recyclable materials such as bottles, cardboards, tin cans, PET bottles and other recyclable and reusable items.

 It also has a vegetable garden, ornamental plants and trees.

Sonny Boy Baldos, solid waste management supervisor, said they are generating two tons of wastes per day in a two batch of garbage collection daily. Since their landfill is not operating, but is expected to be opened this month, the wastes are directly hauled to their eco park where waste sorters segregate them.

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