Health and Wellness Program held in line with the 123rd Civil Service Anniversary in Brooke's Point. (Photo from Brooke's Point MIO)

As part of the celebration of the 123rd Civil Service Anniversary, a Health and Wellness Program for women was conducted by the local government of Brooke’s Point on Thursday, September 7 at Octagon Plaza.

According to the Municipal Information Office, the program tackled the issue of Cervical Cancer, a common illness affecting women. 

Participants were provided with basic information on how to prevent this disease and detect any abnormalities, especially in sensitive areas that could lead to cancer.

Town Mayor Cesareo Benedito emphasized the importance of prioritizing health, not only for women but also for men, as it significantly impacts work and service to the community. He encouraged everyone to take the time for regular health check-ups to prevent unexpected illnesses.

The program was initiated through the combined efforts of the Human Resource Management Office and the Municipal Health Office.