Photo grab from Festival Dancers League of the Philippines Facebook page.

The Festival Dancers League of the Philippines (FDLP) will host the 2021 Festival of Festival Virtual Dance Showdown across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and a local dance group from Brooke’s Point will be one of the 10 finalists.

The KanDiyaw Dance Troupe won the preliminary round competition for the Luzon cluster on October 9 based on responses, shares, and likes on Facebook, and will be among the 10 finalists that will automatically advance to the main finals on October 30.

According to Menan Marcelo, the group’s leader and dance choreographer, he is grateful to all of their residents in Brooke’s Point and across Palawan who consistently showed support for their dance by sharing and liking it on Facebook, which was one of the keys to their entry into the grand finals.

“I don’t think there is such a formula or secret to becoming one of the 10 finalists. We, Kandiyaw, only believe in each other’s ability, enjoy the hours while creating the steps and choreography. We give our hearts in executing it, and we always have that big faith no matter what happens,” said Marcelo.

The theme of their dance is the Kaniyogan Festival which is celebrated in their hometown every March, showing the prosperity of coconut farming in Brooke’s Point and the province of Palawan.

The “Abueg KanDiyaw Dance Troupe” or Kanta’t Diwa ng Sayaw, is a group of students formed on August 2011. It consists of Abueg National High School students who have a passion for dancing, singing and is willing to be developed and discovered.

There are 37 Abueg students in Barangay Barong-Barong where eight are participating in the event.

The Grand finals will be held on October 30 available via the Festival Dancers League of the Philippines Facebook page.

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