Operatives of the Coast Guard Station Eastern Palawan (CGS EP) recovered the body of a British national in the nearby waters off Bisucay Island and Sitio Tabunan, Barangay Suba, in the municipality of Cuyo, on Saturday, March 25.

He was identified as 79-year-old Derek Arthur Silverthorne, who resided in Brgy. Catadman.

According to reports, CGS EP got information of the victim discovered by the crew of the marine vessel Milenyo while sailing from Brgy. Bisucay at approximately 11:30 a.m., who then reported it to authorities. In addition, the report indicates that he has often vacationed in Cuyo town since 2008.

Residents reported seeing Silverthorne swimming at Capusan Beach early Saturday morning, hours before his body was found floating in the water.

The coast guard promptly dispatched a rescue team and attempted to resuscitate the victim with chest compressions.

He was thereafter transported to Cuyo District Hospital, where the attending physician pronounced him dead upon arrival.