Board endorses Senate measure on student fare discount

The Palawan Provincial Board has passed a resolution endorsing a Senate measure seeking an expansion in the coverage of the present 20 percent student fare discount.

Board Member Roseller Pineda, author of the resolution, said the present student discount covers only land transport such as jeepneys, buses, utility vehicles (UV) express vans, taxis and transport network vehicle services (TNVs). The Senate measure aims to expand it to include the air, water and rail transport.

Senator Sonny Angara, one of the authors of Senate Bill 1597, also wants the discount for students to cover the metro rail and light rail transit, according to Pineda.

Under the bill, students in basic and tertiary level, including technical-vocational institutions, will be entitled to a 20% discount on regular domestic travel fares upon presentation of their valid identification card.

However, students taking up post-graduate studies such as medicine, law, masteral and doctoral degrees and short term courses are not qualified for the discount.

The students who will travel abroad for education, training and competition will be exempted from payment of travel tax upon showing of proof or documentation of intended purposes.


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