It has long been a Filipino tradition to welcome the New Year by wearing the lucky color of the year ahead.

Christine, in an attempt to attract better luck in 2023, has already prepared a color-coordinated shirt for their family’s New Year’s celebration. She had it printed and specially customized for every member of their family.

Will luck and fortune come her way in2023, when her carefully planned new year’s ensemble arrives in the wrong color?

Viva Magenta, Color of the Year but not ‘Lucky’
A lot of Filipinos have mistaken the color ‘Viva Magenta’ for the lucky color for the year 2023.

Earlier this December, the Pantone Color Institute, a globally recognized leading source of color expertise, revealed PANTONE 18-1750, or “Viva Magenta,” as the color of the year for 2023.

Pantone started to announce the color of the year in 1999 to engage the design community and color enthusiasts around the world. The Color of the Year is chosen by a committee of analysts who look across trends from various industries.

2023 Lucky Color is Blue
In a YouTube video, Celebrity Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua revealed that the lucky color for 2023 is blue.

“Kailangan lamang po touch of blue lalo na po sa first month of 2023,” Cua said.

Cua said that the color blue signifies the water element of the Chinese zodiac animal for 2023 which is Water Rabbit.

Aside from decorating homes and offices with blue accents, Cua also said that it is important to keep your surroundings clean from last year’s clutter. This includes photos of your past relationships.

“Kalimutan na si Ex. Mag move on ka na sa ex mo para makahanap ka ng bagong sweetheart. Meron na syang bagong partner ikaw na lang ang hindi nakakapag move on. Itigil mo na ang pagiistalk sa kanyang social media accounts, burahin mo na ang mga pictures nya, kalimutan mo na sya para dumating naman ang bagong blessings sa buhay mo,” he said.

If you are single and happen to buy a new pair of “Viva Magenta” underwear, luck may still be in your favor, as according to Master Hanz, wearing red or pink underwear will attract a new flame in 2023. Just make sure it’s new, or it will be just an old person in your life, probably an ex, knocking on your door for one more chance.

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