A casual blogger and first-time visitor to El Nido has sparked a wave of social media upheaval with a post awkwardly describing her initial trip to the popular tourist destination.

“There are five things one should know before you book a trip to Palawan”, travel blogger Chae Won Cha advised her readers. She proceeded with a summary rant of her observations, cautioning travelers to El Nido for instance not to expect fast food chains in their final destination. “I just saw only 1 McDonald’s outlet,” she warned.

The rest of her post harped on the theme of tempering one’s expectations on a Palawan trip. She pointed out the absence of 7-11 convenience stores, or the food delivery service Food Panda, in Puerto Princesa City, which apparently was a surprise to her.

“The most well-known convenience store in the area is Mercury Drug,” she noted.

On a normal day, one who would swear to know Palawan better, or even an aspiring travel blogger, might simply dismiss the commentary as an inane observation from a casual visitor.

But Palaweños were quick to react to the post that had suddenly gone viral. This, significanty, comes in the wake of a seething controversy that cropped up in Coron when two celebrity bloggers posted contents that prompted the provincial government to declare them persona non grata in the rest of Palawan.

Netizens called out the blogger for her lack of research about the island and her awkward commentary.

“You should have done your research before booking a flight and heading to our paradise.. these things that your mentioning are not hidden facts like as if we are trying to deceive the tourist or what.. a little help from Mr. Google could have saved you from the hustle,” one said.

“Mag-research: Learn about Palawan’s destinations, accommodations, and activities. Knowing the best spots like El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa will help you plan an enjoyable trip,” another remarked.

“El Nido is not Manila and Manila is not El Nido. Why are you so attached to your Manila habits? If you’re coming to El Nido, come with a spirit of adventure ready to accept whatever it offers you. Keep an open mind to enjoy it to the fullest,” one netizen commented.

The blogger can be faulted for either not doing basic research about her destination or for being blatantly clueless, which depicts the irony of her social media’s content. Since tripping the Palawan sensitivity wire, she had since taken down her post.

The grudge from the reactions of Palaweños can be traced back to a recent issue involving vlogger and entrepreneur, Rosmar Tan during her group’s visit to Coron where a heated argument emerged, resulting in their declaration as persona non grata, last June 2024.

To be sure, several netizens defended the blogger stating that her observation should be used as pinpoints for the island’s development and openness to criticism.

“Factual naman ang observations nya, we are just being too sensitive,” one netizen pointed out.