The 2023 International Conference on Biosphere and Sustainability (ICBS) is set to be held in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan in November 2023.

The ICBS will showcase the best management practices in Biosphere Reserves (BR), foremost in Palawan, and the rest of the global network of biosphere reserves. Providing opportunities for forging partnerships and collaboration, the conference will give the participants a glimpse, through on-site learning visits, of Palawan Biosphere Reserve’s outstanding universal values embodied in its two world heritage sites and other renowned tourism destinations having been bestowed one of the world’s best islands.

The conference will provide a platform to share the latest research and studies conducted in biosphere reserves and highlight policy recommendations aligned with our mutual goal of helping attain the United Nations New Sustainable Development Goals or UN Agenda 2023.

ICBS provides a platform to share the latest scientific research and projects conducted in Palawan BR with other BRs in the Philippines and the rest of the world. The policy implications of these researches will be used to monitor the achievement of the Palawan Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and the New Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations or UN Agenda 2030.  The 2023 ICBS shall also provide a venue for all participants to forge partnerships and collaborations across national and disciplinary borders.

The conference shall highlight the best practices emphasizing resiliency and balancing socio-economic gains with protection of natural beauty of Palawan Biosphere Reserve. On-site learning visit shall be conducted in El Nido, Palawan to showcase the best management practices in one of the main tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Through these conferences, professional researchers, academic institutions, delegates and students from Palawan and the rest of the world gather to share the results of their research. Government officials and policy-makers are likewise invited to take heed of the latest scientific information and innovations in tackling the issues and concerns within their locality towards sustainable development. (GATS/PIA MIMAROPA)

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