A bike ride for the environment organized by the agri-tourism destination Yamang Bukid picked up about 100 kilos of trash along the road and the beach in Bacungan village.

Twenty-five cyclists from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), retired airmen, and various sector pedaled for the environment on Wednesday to celebrate the World Oceans Day.

They road 11 kilometers over well-paved roads, steep climbs, and sharp curve drops with a view of the placid Sulu Sea on one side and verdant hills on the other.

Eight sacks of trash (100 kilos) — mostly small plastics and cigarette butts — were collected at Sitio Talaudyong in an hour-long cleanup ride that was also joined by city officials led by Vice Mayor Nancy Socrates.

Hope Alas, Yamang Bukid’s campaign manager, said the activity zeroed in on getting the beach in Bacungan clean of minute trash like plastics and cigarette butts commonly regarded as “insignificant garbage” but are actually far more dangerous to marine life when they make their way into the water.

The drive to clean up one of Palawan’s pristine yet less discovered beaches was seen as significant amid the worrying state of oceans.

“Our seas have become the biggest dumping site on the planet. We need to be afraid,” Michael Ollave, community affairs officer of the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR), Palawan’s crown jewel in terms of environmental conservation.

Also taking part in the activity are Yamang Bukid Farm employees, policemen, soldiers, and village officials.
The event was also accompanied by a fund-raising drive, with registration fees of the cycling activity used for giving school supply kits to students of two public elementary schools in Bacungan.

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